In response to a growing need for drug and alcohol treatment programs following a year of the Coronavirus pandemic and several years of the opioid epidemic, Guardian Recovery Network has announced it will open CuraWest, a new 26-bed medical detox facility near the University of Denver, on June 2. An Open House will take place on June 1 from 9am to 6pm.

DENVER, CO – Guardian Recovery Network (GRN), which operates a nationwide network of Substance Use Disorder detoxification & treatment programs, has announced it will open a new inpatient detoxification facility called CuraWest on the fifth floor of Porter Medical Plaza on June 2. The center will host an open-house for the public to attend where they can meet the center’s clinicians, ask questions about drug and alcohol treatment and tour the facility. The open house will take place from 9a-6p on June 1, 2021.

“Medical detox is the first vital step on an individual’s road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction,” said Bill Hodson, CuraWest’s Clinical Director who has worked in behavioral health for more than three decades. “Detox is not just about physical stabilization. It is where individuals lay the foundation for their long-term recovery. CuraWest is committed to helping individuals learn the tools and begin the work necessary for them to get, and stay, sober.”

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can be an agonizing and sometimes life-threatening process for individuals habitually using drugs or alcohol. The symptoms can make quitting nearly impossible without help. CuraWest assists clients through this process by prescribing appropriate medications to ease withdrawal symptoms, providing around-the-clock medical supervision, offering individual, group and family therapy, and employing holistic treatment methods such as guided meditation. Clients go through the withdrawal process in a serene, homestyle setting staffed with highly experienced clinicians, case managers and counselors.

CuraWest’s new facility is centrally located near the University of Denver. Each of the center’s 26, mostly private, beds boast stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado foothills and downtown Denver skyline. The dining and lounge spaces are designed with modern furnishings, the kitchen serves gourmet, nutritious meals, dietary restrictions can be accommodated and a snack bar is available for clients 24 hours a day. The Denver drug and alcohol detox centerfacility is a vast departure from the more sterile, hospital detox setting.

“We are incredibly excited to offer the Denver and surrounding communities a medical detox and recovery program that blends expert medical care with the comforts and amenities that lead to a solid foundation for long term recovery,” said Marco Merida, the President and COO at Guardian Recovery Network.

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Filling Colorado’s Need

The opening of CuraWest comes at a time when Colorado is in great need of drug and alcohol treatment programs. Colorado, in particular Denver, has seen a disturbing surge in drug and alcohol abuse in recent years, largely attributed to both the Coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide opioid epidemic.

“Substance misuse touches every one of us in some way,” said Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock in a press release. “To correct the social and economic devastation this [the opioid] epidemic has caused our people, it will take a truly united effort.”

According to Colorado State’s Health Department, drug overdose deaths totaled 1,223 in 2020, up nearly 20 percent from 2019. The National Institute on Drug Addiction reported that for every 100 residents in the State of Colorado, 45.1 opioid prescriptions were written in 2018.

In addition to opioid abuse, alcohol abuse has had alarming consequences. Denver Public Health recently reported that one out of every four adults in Denver binge drinks on a regular basis. In 2018 Denver saw exceptionally high rates of alcohol-related car accidents and emergency room visits. According to Denver Health’s report, 30,000 people came to the Denver Health emergency room for a substance-abuse related issue; of those, the leading cause — 36 percent — was alcohol abuse. Another 16,708 people, or 46 per day, were admitted to Denver CARES, the community’s non-medical detoxification unit. And, according to national transportation statistics, approximately 38 percent of fatal motor vehicle crashes in Denver involved alcohol.

Nationwide there was also a sharp increase in prescriptions given for anxiety drugs, including Xanax, Valium and other benzodiazepines, which can be highly addictive and dangerous to withdraw from without medical supervision. According to the “America’s State of Mind” report conducted by Express Scripts, use of these drugs spiked 34 percent in 2020 from mid-February to mid-March, during the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I don’t think I have ever witnessed a time in my 34 years in the behavioral health field when the need for quality drug and alcohol treatment programs is as high as it is now,” said Hodson. “We are excited CuraWest will now have a place in helping individuals in Denver find freedom from their addictions.”

If you are interested in attending CuraWest’s open house on June 1, please RSVP Here or contact Paul DeCamara at [email protected] or 561-299-6865.

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