In the United States, approximately 61.2 million individuals engaged in substance use in 2021. That same year, 46.3 million individuals, 12 or older, were diagnosed with a substance use disorder. Substance use disorders were found to be more prevalent in individuals ages 18 to 25. Yet, in that same year, only 6 percent of individuals experiencing a substance use disorder received treatment.

Many individuals may consider traveling to a far-off destination in search of the best program when it comes to addiction treatment. However, seeking local addiction treatment can offer numerous benefits that should not be overlooked.

Reduced Barriers to Accessing Treatment

One of the most significant benefits of seeking local addiction care is the reduced barriers to accessing treatment. Addiction treatment can be daunting, and the thought of traveling to a new place can add an extra layer of stress detrimental to the recovery process. You can eliminate this added stress by seeking treatment close to home and focusing solely on your recovery journey. Attending a local addiction treatment program has been found to help reduce addiction treatment barriers.

At CuraWest, we believe that helping individuals find effective treatment is imperative to addressing the current addiction crisis. Deciding where to attend treatment may be the first of many difficult decisions in the recovery process. Research has found that those who attended substance use programs within one mile of their home were 50 percent more likely to complete their treatment. CuraWest is dedicated to reducing the number of individuals negatively impacted by substance use. We provide a multi-staged, integrated approach to recovery that is designed to help facilitate long-term recovery. Contact us today to learn more and to begin your recovery journey.

Benefits of Being Close to Home with a Support Network

Being close to home can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort that can be highly beneficial during recovery. Surrounding yourself with a support network of friends and family who understand and support your journey toward recovery can reduce anxiety and feelings of isolation. Staying local can mean more frequent visits from loved ones, which can provide an additional layer of emotional support.

The Role of Family & Community Support in Addiction Recovery

Family and community support are crucial components of addiction recovery. Research has found that family support plays a vital role in treatment outcomes. Family involvement increases when family members only have to travel locally for services, such as family therapy.

Local addiction treatment programs can provide opportunities for family members to attend therapy and educational sessions alongside their loved ones, allowing them to understand the addiction better and offer support throughout the recovery process.

Community & Belonging in Local Addiction Treatment

A significant benefit of seeking local addiction treatment is the sense of community and belonging it offers. Many local treatment programs offer group therapy and support meetings, creating a unique camaraderie and connection amongst peers that can be invaluable to recovery. Being part of a community of individuals going through similar experiences can provide a sense of validation and understanding that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

A psychological sense of community is characterized by feelings of connectedness, group membership, and fulfilling your needs. Lacking a sense of belonging leads to feeling alone, out of place, and unaccepted. Having a sense of community and belonging can help you find others you can share your experiences with and be encouraged by.

Access to Aftercare Services & Ongoing Support

Aftercare services such as counseling, support groups, and alumni programs are critical in maintaining sobriety and avoiding relapse. Local treatment programs can offer easy access to these services, allowing you to continue receiving the support you need long after you complete your initial treatment program.

The farther you have to travel for treatment, the less likely you are to utilize available aftercare services. Research has found that those who traveled 10 miles or less from their home for addiction treatment were twice as likely to use aftercare services.

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Greater Likelihood of Long-term Recovery & Sobriety in Local Treatment

Research suggests that individuals who seek addiction treatment in their local communities are more likely to achieve long-term recovery and sobriety. This could be because being close to home provides a sense of accountability and responsibility to one’s support network and community.

Relapsing, or engaging in a substance after a period of sobriety, is common for those receiving substance use treatment. Approximately two-thirds of those who receive substance use treatment relapse at some point. At CuraWest, we offer relapse prevention training to help you develop the necessary tools to maintain a sober lifestyle over time.

Flexibility of Local Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

Local addiction treatment programs often provide greater flexibility in treatment options, including outpatient programs that allow individuals to receive treatment while still maintaining their daily responsibilities, such as work or caring for family members. This flexibility can make treatment more accessible and reduce the likelihood of putting off treatment due to logistical barriers.

Outpatient treatment can often be the longest phase of an individual’s treatment journey. Outpatient sessions can be attended multiple times a week, once a week, biweekly, or monthly, depending on your needs. Participating in an outpatient treatment program local to your home can increase your likelihood of being consistent with treatment.

Reduced Costs of Local Addiction Treatment

Financial limitations are among the most common barriers preventing individuals from receiving addiction treatment.

Seeking local addiction treatment can offer financial benefits, including reduced costs. Treatment programs requiring travel may come with additional expenses, such as lodging, transportation, and meals. Seeking local treatment eliminates these expenses, making treatment more affordable and accessible to more individuals. Additionally, many insurance plans may not cover the extra costs associated with out-of-state treatment programs.

Insurance Coverage & Payment Options Available Locally

Insurance coverage can help cover the cost of local addiction treatment. Many treatment centers allow you to pay out of pocket, in addition to their insurance coverage plan, if your insurance plan does not cover the entire cost of treatment. Local addiction treatment centers may offer payment plans to help break down expenses and make treatment more affordable. Here at CuraWest, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation insurance benefits check to help determine which of our treatment options is covered by your health insurance plan.

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No matter the substance, the best way to overcome addiction is with the help of experienced, trusted professionals like those at CuraWest. We provide comprehensive treatment, including medically-assisted detox, therapy, and aftercare. Our caring and skilled administrative, medical, and clinical teams will guide you through every step of your recovery process from the first time you call. We provide a complimentary assessment and a free insurance benefits check. If you want to learn more about local addiction treatment, contact us. We will provide you with complete information on our safe and effective program. We understand the unique issues substance use disorders can present for clients and their loved ones. We offer a drug and alcohol treatment program unlike any other in Denver. You do not have to travel far from home to start your journey to long-term recovery. Contact us today.

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