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Molina Healthcare is a Fortune 500, multi-state healthcare organization that has been providing quality healthcare to individuals, families, employees and organizations for over 35 years. Molina is dedicated to providing quality healthcare to everyone who needs it, regardless of income or social demographic. The comprehensive healthcare plans they offer provide individuals with Medicaid, Medicare or a combination of both programs. Medicaid and Medicare are two US government programs, each developed to help a unique demographic of American citizens gain access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare. Access to Medicaid is predominantly based on income level, while access to Medicare depends on age, and is generally only available to people over the age of 65. Molina is known for working with individuals and helping them gain access to coverage that they can afford and easily access regardless of the specific services they need.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which was first signed into law in 2010, medical detoxification services and inpatient treatment services are required to be covered by major health insurance providers. Behavioral health services are now recognized as necessity, and major national providers like Molina have long-since understood the importance of comprehensive healthcare — healthcare that addresses physical, emotional and mental well-being. If you are currently insured by Molina or if you are currently uninsured and are interested in looking into viable insurance options, feel free to give our Treatment Advisors a call at any point in time. If you are currently insured, we provide you with a free, no obligation insurance benefit check which determines how much of medical detox and inpatient addiction treatment will be covered. If you are currently insured through Molina, there is a good chance that the majority of your treatment experience, or your entire treatment experience, will be covered.

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Medically Monitored Detox

Medical detox is a highly recommended first step on every individual journey of addiction recovery. The main goal of medically monitored detox is providing individuals who have been suffering at the hands of a substance abuse disorder with safe and pain-free withdrawal in a safe, secure and supportive environment. At CuraWest, we believe that medical detox should incorporate more than traditional clinical methodologies. We have carefully developed a comprehensive and highly individualized program of medical detox, one that also incorporates therapeutic and holistic methods of physical, mental and emotional healing. Because active addiction is much more than a physical ailment, we are dedicated to tackling all areas of concern. Of course, we do utilize traditional detox methods geared towards pain-free withdrawal, from Medication Assisted Treatment to tapering. Our exceptionally high staff-to-client ratio allows for clients to be overseen by a team of medical professionals around the clock, and allows for all symptoms of withdrawal to be effectively treated as soon as they arise.

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Unfortunately, many individuals who have been suffering at the hands of a moderate or severe substance use disorder fail to seek the professional care they so desperately need. This could be due to the fact that they remain unaware of all the clinical services that are readily available to them, or because they are unsure how to effectively and easily cover the cost of addiction treatment. Major health insurance providers like Molina are required by law to cover behavioral health services like medical detox and inpatient treatment. If you are unsure whether or not detox services are covered by your specific provider, give us a call today. One of our experienced and compassionate Treatment Advisors will help you determine the easiest way to acquire the clinical care you need and deserve.

CuraWest Services Covered by Molina

At CuraWest we offer a wide range of recovery-related services to our clients and their loved ones. We believe in comprehensive and highly individualized clinical care, and standards that we hold ourselves to cannot be found in a state-run facility or in a traditional hospital setting. We believe that detox should focus on more than physical stabilization; that medical detox should also set a solid and lasting foundation for long-term sobriety. Most of the clinical services we provide are covered in full by major insurance providers like Molina.

These service include:

  • An in-depth clinical and medical assessment upon admission, and ongoing assessments throughout the remainder of the recovery process. Upon admission to CuraWest, each individual client undergoes a personalized and in-depth medical assessment, which helps our team of medical professionals and addiction counselors develop a treatment plan that caters to all of his or her unique clinical needs. We explore personal history with substance abuse, the potential of untreated or undiagnosed dual diagnosis disorders and any existing long-term treatment goals. Assessments are regularly conducted throughout the recovery process to ensure that adequate progress is being made and that all symptoms of withdrawal are being effectively treated.
  • Medically monitored detox. At CuraWest the level of quality clinical care we provide is truly unmatched, and our homestyle detox facility is unlike any other. We believe in providing clients with a pain-free and exceedingly comfortable withdrawal from start to finish. We utilize a wide range of proven detox methods, from physician-overseen drug tapering to Medication Assisted Treatment.
  • Residential inpatient treatment. The residential portion of our program focuses on restoring the mind, body and spirit, simultaneously. The duration of the program will vary depending on the needs of each individual client, but it can last for anywhere between 3 and 21 days.

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  • A wide range of addiction treatment services. We provide much more than a traditional, multi-staged treatment experience. We also provide our clients with dual diagnosis treatment and psychiatric care whenever necessary, trauma-informed therapy, a thorough introduction to the 12 step program modality and a range of holistic services, from nutritional therapy to yoga and meditation.
  • Case management. Upon admission to our treatment program, each client is assigned a case manager who stays by their side during every step of the overall recovery journey. Case managers track progress and stay in close communication with the family members and loved ones of each client, keeping them informed of progress and helping to set up family therapy sessions.
  • Comprehensive therapeutic intervention, including individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy. Therapeutic care is an essential part of addiction recovery, from medical detox all the way through aftercare. We offer regular one-on-one sessions, daily group sessions and family sessions whenever possible.
  • Extensive aftercare planning. Aftercare is also essential to effective treatment. Our case managers work with clients to develop viable aftercare plans and ensure that they stick closely to their plan once they graduate from the level of clinical care that we provide.

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At CuraWest we are dedicated to making the entire treatment process as pain-free as possible from start to finish. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call, and we will gladly take care of the finer details (from insurance coverage to travel plans). We understand how overwhelming committing to addiction treatment can be, especially when considering all of the moving parts. Our Treatment Advisors are available to make things as seamless as possible. Simply give us a call today at (888) 693-1794 or submit this form (click here) for a free, no obligation insurance benefit check. If you are currently insured through Molina or if you are uninsured and looking for viable coverage options, we have got you completely covered.

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