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If you or someone close to you is looking for Klonopin addiction treatment in the Denver, Colorado area, CuraWest is available to help. We offer a multi-staged continuum of clinical care, beginning with medically monitored detox and continuing with residential treatment. Because the withdrawal symptoms associated with Klonopin and other benzodiazepines can be dangerous when left untreated, medical detox often comes as a recommended first step on the road to recovery.

Our private, homestyle treatment center was carefully designed with client comfort in mind, and our multi-staged program of clinical care was created by a team of experienced professionals. We understand that Klonopin addiction can be devastating, and those who have suffered at the hands of Klonopin addiction for any length of time will want nothing more than to relax in a safe and supportive environment during the duration of the withdrawal process. While Klonopin withdrawal can be harshly uncomfortable and potentially dangerous when left untreated (or when treated in a facility that is not quite up to our standards), we ensure that each and every one of our clients is as comfortable as possible regardless of how severe the active addiction was. Even if you have been abusing Klonopin for years and have had little to no success with prior detox or treatment programs, we are sure that our program – which is truly unparalleled – will be successful in paving the road for lifelong Klonopin addiction recovery. Our program is highly personalized, and we treat each individual client with the unique and integrated care they both require and undeniably deserve.

About Klonopin

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) notes that Klonopin is the brand name for the generic drug clonazepam. Klonopin is predominantly used for the treatment of panic disorder, an anxiety-related disorder characterized by persistent and unexpected panic attacks. In some cases, this specific prescription medication is also used to treat seizures. Klonopin is a benzodiazepine, meaning that it is a potent sedative medication – one that is both fast-acting and habit-forming. Benzodiazepines like Klonopin are generally only used for short periods of time – medical professionals will likely prescribe the drug to be taken at the onset of a panic attack; not every day. It is important that even individuals who are taking this prescription medication as prescribed do not suddenly cease use. If they do, they are liable to begin experiencing a host of serious withdrawal symptoms, including nausea and vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, agitation and irritability, increased blood pressure and heart rate and seizures.

Those who have been prescribed Klonopin will always be advised to avoid mixing this medication with other chemical substances, including alcohol. Mixing benzodiazepines and other substances can easily result in overdose. At CuraWest, we specialize in polydrug abuse detox as well – if you or someone you love has been abusing Klonopin as well as any other chemical substances, we are available to help. Polydrug abuse can be complicated to effectively treat; fortunately, our dedicated team of medical professionals is prepared to treat even the most complex of cases.

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Is Medical Detox Necessary for Klonopin?

When it comes to Klonopin withdrawal, is medical detox necessary? In short – yes, absolutely. The Food and Drug Administration details the dangers involved in abruptly withdrawing from this potent prescription medication. The issued report suggests that unless a gradual system of withdrawal is in place (tapering) the symptoms of withdrawal can be absolutely devastating. The report also reads, “While Klonopin is being gradually withdrawn, the simultaneous substitution of another anticonvulsant may be indicated.” This is to say that Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is often necessary when it comes to benzodiazepine withdrawal. At CuraWest, we believe firmly in the clinical benefits of MAT. Upon admission to our medical detox program, each individual patient undergoes a detailed and personalized assessment. During this assessment, the severity of the Klonopin abuse disorder is carefully analyzed. If our medical staff deems MAT an appropriate treatment option, Klonopin will be replaced with another less addictive and dangerous medication that essentially performs the same functions. If our staff members collectively believe that tapering a client off of the drug will be the best course of action, they will begin the tapering process within the first day of admission.

Klonopin Addiction Signs & Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of Klonopin addiction are similar to the symptoms of benzodiazepine addiction of any kind. Because this medication is a sedative, the signs of intoxication might closely resemble the signs of someone who has been drinking excessively. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) published a study titled “A Case Report of Clonazepam Dependence.” In this study, researchers thoroughly examined the signs and symptoms of Klonopin addiction. They ultimately discover that some of the most common symptoms of Klonopin misuse and addiction included extreme drowsiness, a worsening of existing psychological symptoms or the beginning of significant psychological symptoms and a difficult time remaining focused or concentrating on anything for an extended period of time. There are many additional symptoms of Klonopin addiction, including:

  • A slowed reaction time
  • Trouble remembering to complete basic tasks
  • A preoccupation with the chemical substance in question
  • Strained relationships/interpersonal issues
  • Changes in sleep patterns, typically marked by longer hours of sleep and persistent fatigue
  • Intense cravings upon ceased use
  • The building of a tolerance, meaning more Klonopin is required in order for the same effects to be produced
  • Drug-seeking behavior, which typically includes “doctor shopping” when prescription medications like Klonopin are involved

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Because Klonopin is so highly addictive, quitting without professional assistance is often an impossibility. At CuraWest, we are completely dedicated to helping men and women of all ages and walks of life overcome prescription drug addiction once and for all.

Why Does Klonopin Withdrawal Require Detox?

As previously mentioned, Klonopin withdrawal will always require inpatient medical detox. The symptoms of Klonopin withdrawal can be extremely dangerous – even life-threatening – when not observed around the clock and treated as they arise. The CuraWest detox experience is truly unlike any other. Not only do we effectively treat each and every symptom of Klonopin withdrawal, from severe headaches to the onset of seizures (in extreme cases), but we do so with respect and compassion. The comfort of our clients is always our top priority. Our homestyle retreat provides clients with all of the comforts of home, along with numerous additional amenities geared towards making the experience enjoyable – even for those who are undergoing Klonopin withdrawal. Our staff-to-client ratio allows for intensive and highly personalized care. No matter what a client needs during any given moment, staff members will be available to make it happen.

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At CuraWest we offer a simple and straightforward admissions process designed to help you start on the road to Klonopin addiction recovery as quickly as possible. Our Treatment Advisors are standing by 24-hours a day to provide potential clients with a free, no obligation insurance benefit check and a detailed admission plan. We will help with everything from local travel plans to potential coverage options. For more information, reach out to one of our experienced and compassionate Treatment Advisors today. Begin your personal journey of Klonopin addiction recovery, beginning with a pain-free medical detox experience and continuing on with a short stay in our residential treatment center.