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Opioid Detoxification in Denver

If you or someone you love has been suffering from an opioid use disorder, CuraWest is available to help. We offer a multi-staged program of opioid addiction recovery, combining medically monitored detox with residential inpatient treatment. Because the symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal can be so uncomfortable when left untreated, medical detox always comes as a recommended first step on the road to recovery. However, detox is only effective long-term when immediately followed by a higher level of clinical care. Our opioid addiction recovery program in Denver, Colorado is both effective and personalized, catering to the unique needs of each individual client. Contact us today to learn more.

Opioid Misuse & Dependence

Opioids are naturally-derived drugs that are generally used in the treatment of pain. There are illicit opiates as well, such as heroin and opium. Some naturally occurring opiate drugs include codeine and morphine, and some opiate derivative drugs include hydrocodone and oxycodone. Opioids is a blanket term for naturally occurring opiates, opiate derivatives and synthetic, man-made opioid narcotics. Over the course of the past two decades, opiate abuse and addiction have become major health-related concerns throughout the United States. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, data from 2018 shows that there are roughly 128 opiate-related overdose deaths in the U.S. on a daily basis. The misuse of prescription opiates and illicit opiates like heroin is a serious and widespread issue – one that claims the lives of thousands of innocent men and women on an annual basis. Opioid addiction is a chronic and progressive medical condition, and it will require professional treatment. Without treatment, the symptoms of opiate addiction will continue to worsen.

At CuraWest we firmly stand by the belief that medically monitored detox is a necessary first step when it comes to addiction recovery. We understand that individuals who have been suffering at the hands of a moderate or severe opiate addiction will be extremely apprehensive about undergoing the potentially painful process of opiate withdrawal. We want to ensure those who are considering seeking treatment that the withdrawal process does not have to be uncomfortable — in fact, it can be enjoyable. We designed a pain-free detox program with client comfort and safety in mind. Our private, luxury detox facility offers clients the amenities and resources they need to successfully make it through opiate withdrawal and transition on to the next appropriate level of clinical care.

About Opiates

Opiates act as central nervous system depressants. When an individual uses an opiate narcotic, their basic functioning will be significantly compromised. Humans all have opioid receptors within their brains. In a normally functioning brain, these receptors will work together with neurotransmitters to help the brain control functions like sleep, breathing, pain and cognitive ability. Opiates bind to these receptors blocking out the neurotransmitters, which will in turn block the perception of pain. Prescription opiates are painkillers, and they can be extremely effective when used in a medical setting or prescribed by a licensed and experienced physician. However, if opiates are used for an extended period of time, the brain and the central nervous system will grow accustomed to them.

As the body adjusts to regular doses of opiates, it will start to build a tolerance – meaning that larger amounts of the drug will be required in order for the same result to be experienced. Tolerance is one of many telltale signs of opiate addiction. Once an individual develops a physical and psychological dependence, the only way to successfully overcome the addictive disorder is to seek professional help. When it comes to opiate addiction, medical detox is always a necessary first step. However, detox is always more effective when closely followed by inpatient treatment. At CuraWest we have carefully designed a highly individualized, multi-staged recovery program to help people of all ages and walks of life successfully overcome opiate addiction long-term.

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Opiate Addiction – Signs and Symptoms

A study published by John Hopkins Medicine reads, “Opioid use disorder is a medical condition defined by not being able to abstain from using opioids, and behaviors centered around opioid use that interfere with daily life. Being physically dependent on an opioid can occur when someone has an opioid use disorder, and is characterized by withdrawal symptoms such as cravings and sweating.”

There are numerous other signs and symptoms when it comes to opiate addiction, including:

  • Excessive fatigue and drowsiness/an inability to stay awake
  • Flu-like symptoms, such as recurring stomach aches, night sweats, watery eyes and a runny nose
  • A significantly decreased libido
  • A lack of attention paid to personal hygiene
  • Uncontrollable psychological cravings
  • Attempts to cut back or quit entirely, coupled with an inability to do so
  • A lack of appetite, which will generally lead to noticeable weight loss
  • A lack of motivation to participate in activities that were previously enjoyed
  • Isolation from friends and family members
  • Engaging in illicit and immoral activities in order to obtain more opiates, such as stealing from friends or family members or “doctor shopping” (in the case of prescription opiates)
  • Financial issues, which come from supporting an expensive opiate habit
  • Problems at work or school and interpersonal issues
  • In severe cases of opiate addiction, overdosing (or experiencing other serious health-related problems) and continuing to use
  • The building of a tolerance and withdrawal symptoms upon ceased use

At CuraWest we understand how hopeless those who have been suffering from an opiate addiction might feel. We also understand that reaching out for help is a major step – one that many people do not take, unfortunately. If you or your loved one has been suffering from opiate abuse or addiction, we are here to help. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff members will walk you through every step of the addiction recovery process — from start to finish — ensuring that you feel safe, comfortable and supported the entire time.

Opiate Withdrawal – Signs and Symptoms

If an individual has been abusing opiates for any length of time, he or she will experience symptoms of withdrawal upon abruptly ceased use. At CuraWest we utilize numerous detoxification techniques to help alleviate these symptoms while making them as short-lived as possible. While the symptoms of opiate withdrawal are not generally life-threatening, they can be harshly uncomfortable – both physically and psychologically – when left untreated.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, there are two main stages of opiate withdrawal. The first stage of withdrawal will occur several hours after the last use. Symptoms will be uncomfortable but rarely severe.

First-stage symptoms of opiate withdrawal include:

  • Agitation and irritability. 
  • Muscle aches and general physical discomfort. 
  • Disrupted sleep patterns/insomnia. 
  • Flu-like symptoms, such as runny nose, sweating and nausea. 
  • Increased yawning. 

The later-stage symptoms of opiate withdrawal will occur within the first 12 to 30 hours of the last use, depending on how severe the addictive disorder was and which chemical substance was being abused. For example, symptoms of heroin withdrawal will set in more quickly than the symptoms of morphine withdrawal.

Later-stage symptoms of opiate withdrawal include:

  • Severe abdominal cramping. 
  • More severe gastrointestinal issues like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. 
  • An inability to get comfortable or fall asleep. 
  • Body tremors. 
  • Intense feelings of anxiety and/or depression.

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Why is Opiate Detox Necessary?

Medical detox will always be necessary to treat the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. At CuraWest we utilize numerous proven and effective detoxification methods, including Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and tapering. Our team of medical professionals is composed of a combination of addiction specialists, prescribing physicians, and licensed therapists and psychiatrists. We provide quality clinical care in a homestyle retreat, which was carefully designed with client comfort in mind. We understand that committing to recovery can be scary, and that the anticipation of undergoing opiate withdrawal is generally much worse than the withdrawal process itself. Rest assured that you are in good hands, and our staff members all work together to make the process pain-free and efficient.

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Our straightforward admissions process allows individuals who have been suffering at the hands of an opiate addiction the opportunity to enter into treatment as soon as they become willing. Simply give our Treatment Advisors a call at (888) 693-1794 and they will run a free, no obligation insurance benefit check, help arrange travel plans, and get you started on your own personal journey of opiate addiction recovery as quickly as possible. In addition to offering an effective program of opiate detox, we provide clients with the opportunity to transition into the residential portion of our program as soon as they have been physically stabilized. Contact us today to learn more.