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Looking for the Best Detox in Colorado?

Are you looking for the best detox in Colorado for yourself or a loved one? There are many to choose from. We put together this guide about Colorado, addiction issues specific to Colorado, the recovery community in Colorado, and what to look for when trying to find the best drug or alcohol detox in Colorado.

Addiction Issues in Colorado

Drug addiction and alcoholism are major issues in Colorado. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there were a total of 564 opioid overdose deaths throughout the state in the year 2018 alone. While the rates of written opioid prescriptions are slightly lower than the national average, providers wrote 45.1 opioid prescriptions per every 100 state residents during the same year.

While all regions of Colorado have been experiencing high rates of substance abuse, the city of Denver in particular has been severely impacted. Denver Public Health recently reported that one out of every four adults in Denver binge drinks on a regular basis. In 2018 Denver saw exceptionally high rates of alcohol-related car accidents and emergency room visits. in the same report, Denver Health reported approximately 30,000 emergency room visits for a substance-abuse related issue; of those, the leading cause (36 percent) was alcohol abuse. Another 16,708 people, or 46 per day, were admitted to Denver CARES, a community-based, non-medical detoxification unit where individuals are sent when found publicly intoxicated. Roughly 38 percent of fatal motor vehicle crashes in Denver involved alcohol — a relatively high proportion compared with other urban areas, according to national transportation statistics.

Finding the Best Detox in Colorado: What to Look For

Finding the best detox in Colorado might seem like an overwhelming task, but the majority of related stress can be eliminated if you know exactly what it is you are looking for. Be sure to ask the following questions before committing to a medical detox center:

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  • What are the detox’s clinical and medical standards?
  • Does the detox offer medication assisted treatment?
  • What is the facility like? Is it comfortable and homestyle? 
  • What is the professionalism of staff?
  • What is the client-to-staff ratio?
  • Does the detox center begin therapy work?
  • Does the detox offer 12-step groups?
  • Does the detox have options for family involvement?
  • Does the detox individualize their treatment plans?
  • Does the detox have options for an ongoing continuum of care?
  • Does the detox help arrange the next steps following detox?
  • Does the detox offer gender-specific or demographic-specific groups?
  • What are the detox’s professional accreditations and licenses?
  • Does the detox have a clear set of ethical standards?
  • Does the detox have a variety of insurance and/or private-pay options?

At CuraWest we hit high marks in every category. Read on to find out more. If you or your loved one has been struggling with a substance abuse disorder of any kind, CuraWest is available to help. To find out if we’re a good fit for you or your loved one, contact us today.

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How Does CuraWest Measure Up?

  • At CuraWest we do have around-the-clock medical supervision, and we offer a range of amenities including private and semi-private bedrooms, a fully stocked, 24/7 snack bar, three daily chef-prepared meals, access to daily 12-step meetings and serene lounge areas
  • At CuraWest we do use medication assisted treatment to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal
  • At CuraWest we do conduct a thorough medical and clinical assessment in order to individualize treatment methods and craft a custom recovery plan for each client
  • At CuraWest we believe that therapeutic intervention is a fundamental part of every stage of the recovery process from start to finish. So we offer individual, group and family therapy sessions
  • At CuraWest we do offer rehab placement services. We deeply believe that medical detox is only the first stage of addiction recovery. It must be immediately followed with the next appropriate level of clinical care in order to be effective.
  • At CuraWest we have a network of treatment facilities that offers clients who need it a full continuum of care
  • At CuraWest we offer a range of addiction services including case management, therapy and aftercare planning
  • CuraWest does have a wide variety of options for covering treatment with health insurance, and/or enrolling in a self-pay program
  • CuraWest has been licensed and accredited by the state of Colorado
  • CuraWest and its network of treatment centers uphold a strict set of ethical standards, which you can find HERE

When looking for the best detox in Colorado it is important to consider the type of program you are looking for. Many of the detox programs offered throughout the region are sterile, impersonal and extremely limited in the services they provide. We offer a level of care that cannot be found in most traditional hospital settings or state-funded facilities. To learn more, contact us today.

Colorado: A State Rich in Recovery Resources

Colorado is one of the most diverse and recreationally rich states in the country. In addition to being physically beautiful, the state of Colorado is rich in recovery related resources. We have listed several of these resources below. CuraWest is also happy to assist you at any time.

  • If you are experiencing a crisis related to substance abuse or mental health, contact Colorado Crisis Services at 1-844-493-8255, or text “talk” to 38255.
  • The AspenPointe Crisis Stabilization Unit in Colorado Springs can be reached at 719-635-7000.
  • The University of Denver provides local residents with affordable counseling services, and they can be reached through their website.
  • The Denver Health STEP Program was developed to help adolescents overcome substance abuse issues. More information can be found on their website.

For additional resources and more information on recovery in Colorado, contact us at any point in time.

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12-Step Groups in Colorado

At CuraWest we consider the 12-steps to be an important part of the recovery process. Colorado has a vibrant and active 12-step community for all ages and demographics. There are meetings geared towards young people, women, men, LGBTQ, adults and the families of addicts and alcoholics.

Here are a few of Colorado’s 12-step resources:

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If you or someone close to you has been suffering at the hands of a substance abuse disorder of any type or severity, CuraWest is available to help. Our medically monitored detox program is rapidly becoming one of the premier detox programs in the state of Colorado. We focus on much more than physical stabilization and a safe, pain-free drug or alcohol withdrawal. We take a whole person approach to recovery. We tackle the mental, emotional and spiritual implications of substance abuse along with the physical, providing our clients with expert medical care, intensive therapeutic intervention and holistic treatment methods. We also remain dedicated to making our detox services as accessible as possible. If you or your loved one is currently insured through any major regional or national provider, there is a good chance that some or all of the addiction services we provide are covered. We offer a free, no obligation insurance benefit check. It is time to get started on your personal journey of healing.

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