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“When I first started with Guardian Recovery Network and Immersion Recovery Center, I was assigned to work with program alumni,” Paul explains. “I started by building out the Alumni Department so we could make it a more robust part of our company. When I transitioned into the department it was a little more bare bones. I set to work beefing up our alumni meetings, which take place every month. I wanted to create more of a community feel. My vision was to position the alumni portion of the program as an advantage; something clients looked forward to getting involved in once they finished treatment. I started organizing alumni events; we did a bowling event, we’ve done a kickball event in the past.”

From Florida to Denver, Colorado

Paul noted that if he could have stayed in the alumni program development position from elsewhere, he would have gladly done so. “I had a calling to leave Florida,” he says. “It was never a long-term plan for me. I came to a crossroads at this point; I wasn’t sure what to do. I absolutely loved working for Guardian. I went to the upper management with this dilemma, I told them, ‘I’m torn because I do want to leave Florida, but I really enjoy working here.’ That’s when the opportunity for CuraWest came up. They said, ‘We’d like you to move to Colorado and take on CuraWest.’ In November of 2020 I moved to Colorado with the goal of building out our detox program and spreading the word in a part of the country we weren’t yet established in. I moved about 6 months before we were set to open and started reaching out.”

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“I reached out to other treatment centers in the Denver area and let them know who we are and what our mission is. I felt like I had a few things stacked against me; the most significant being that I’m not from the area. But I feel extremely confident in what Guardian does and how we show up to support the community, how we work with others, and how we always have the client’s best interests at heart no matter what we do. People started to see what we do for our clients and the community, and our client-centered approach to detox, and we started making some great connections.”

Over the course of the past two years, Paul has been getting to know community members on a personal level. “I’m an open book,” he says. “I let people get to know me, and I thoroughly enjoy getting to know other people. You can ask me any questions, I’m very forthcoming. I think as people started to become more comfortable with me, they became more inclined to give us a chance.”

Paul Decamara Staff Spotlight

Paul continues, “In addition to forming relationships with other treatment centers and with community members, I work hands-on with the clients several times a week. I was running a 12 Step group on Mondays. I meet with clients who are having a more difficult time. I sit down with them and try to relate to them and help them gain some motivation to continue in their recovery. Some clients are more resistant to transitioning into a higher level of care once they’re done with detox; I also help there. I’m meeting with referrents, communicating with other treatment facilities, attending community events… it’s a little bit all over the place at times, but I truly love what I do.”

Paul notes that above everything else, his primary role is to step up and ensure each client is receiving the individualized and effective care they have been promised. “We have a beautiful facility as far as the amenities are concerned,” he explains. “We have a private chef, we have a client lounge, we have beautiful bedrooms and flatscreen TVs in all of the bedrooms. When people come into detox, they are generally at a pretty low point in their personal lives. It can make all the difference to come into a facility that was designed with the client experience in mind.”

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He notes, “However, anyone with a few bucks can put together a really nice facility. What really sets us apart is how dedicated our staff is. If someone is getting off of their shift at 5pm and they see a client at 4:50pm who is standing in the hallway looking a little distraught, 10 times out of 10 they will stop to ask the client what is going on; see if they want to talk, and ask them how they can be of service. Our staff genuinely cares about the well-being of each client, that is so apparent.”

Paul Decamara Staff Spotlight

Transitioning to a higher level of care once detox concludes is important for the maintenance of longer term sobriety, Paul suggests. He also notes that the residential portion of the program will benefit clients in the sense that it will allow them to transition seamlessly from detox to inpatient rehab.

When he isn’t working, Paul spends time outside. “Colorado is the land of 1,000 hobbies,” Paul says. “I do mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing… in the wintertime I like to snowboard. I feel at home in Colorado. I love it here; being here has truly made me feel alive.”

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At CuraWest we offer a drug and alcohol treatment program unlike any other in the Denver area. Instead of a hospital or “lock-down” facility, we provide our clients with a relaxed homestyle retreat, combined with expert clinical and medical care. Our treatment team is comprised of licensed and passionate staff with years of experience in drug & alcohol treatment. The CuraWest experience was created by top addiction treatment professionals using extensive feedback from clients to create a truly unique and highly effective program.

Clients entering CuraWest for addiction treatment can expect to be welcomed by a caring staff who fully understand substance use disorders. Our goal is to provide a safe and pain-free detox and a comprehensive residential program of recovery. Each client’s treatment plan is individualized to meet their needs including therapy, group support and case management services. We also offer a range of comfort-based amenities including a private chef, private rooms and more. To learn more about our program and our experienced and compassionate staff members, contact us today.