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Addiction negatively impacts all aspects of a person’s life. Physical health suffers immensely; often unable to adequately address their nutritional needs, they become malnourished and weak. They struggle with psychological ramifications, sometimes developing mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. Any existing symptoms of mental illness worsen over time. They become spiritually void, unable to connect with or appreciate the world around them. Personal goals fall by the wayside as consequences continue to accumulate. At CuraWest we understand how far-reaching the implications of active addiction can be. For this reason, we have developed a holistic program of addiction recovery — one that focuses on the body, mind, and spirit. Holistic treatment approaches are implemented in the detox and residential portion of our program. Clients begin to thoroughly heal, developing the skills they need to stay sober while working through the effects of addiction in manageable increments. To learn more about our holistic approach to addiction recovery or to begin your personal journey of healing, contact us today. 

How We Address Addiction Holistically

Effective addiction treatment addresses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Taking a holistic approach to addiction treatment essentially means taking a “whole person” approach; focusing on more than the physical symptoms of addiction. There is ample evidence supporting the fact that a multi-pronged approach to recovery results in longer term sobriety. Contact us today to learn more about treating addiction holistically.

The Body

The medical detoxification portion of our addiction recovery program addresses the physical implications of addiction. We treat the symptoms associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal with a combination of medication assisted treatment options and around-the-clock medical supervision. Because our facility is in close proximity to a medical center, clients have constant access to professional medical care should they experience any physical symptoms of post-acute withdrawal or a separate underlying health condition. 

We also provide our clients with the tools they need to maintain their physical health once treatment concludes. We offer them gym access, encourage them to participate in outdoor recreational activities, and focus on nutritional counseling. Clients learn to shop for and prepare nutrient-dense meals while meeting individual nutritional needs and continue to bolster their physical health.

The Mind

Active addiction deeply affects mental health. Not only are co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression extremely common among those struggling with substance use, but psychological symptoms can result from prolonged exposure to chemical substances. For example, heavy drinkers often experience symptoms of depression, seeing as alcohol is a depressant and changes brain chemistry over time. At CuraWest we focus on a complete restoration of mental health, providing dual diagnosis treatment options and helping clients develop healthy coping mechanisms so they don’t resort to self-medication.

The Spirit

Recovering from addiction requires a certain level of dedication to spiritual development. It is important for clients to recognize they are much more than just their thoughts. They are also their physical bodies, their emotional selves, and their spirituality. Developing a sense of spiritual connection is important to long-term recovery; active addiction leaves us feeling isolated, alone, and detached from the world around us. Our “spirit” refers to our connection with things outside of ourselves. As clients begin to explore what makes them feel happy and whole, they have the opportunity to partake in a range of spiritually-natured activities, from meditation and mindfulness to gardening and wilderness hikes.

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The Holistic Services We Provide

At CuraWest we offer a wide range of holistic services, facilitated by experienced holistic practitioners and delivered in a safe and nurturing environment. While we encourage clients to participate in the services we offer, we understand that what resonates with one individual might not speak to another. Like every other aspect of our treatment program, holistic care is custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client.

Yoga Therapy

At CuraWest we offer regular Yoga Therapy sessions facilitated by a licensed and experienced yoga therapist. Classes can be easily modified to meet the unique needs of each individual client, and are ideal for both beginners and seasoned yogis alike. There are many benefits associated with a yoga practice in the context of addiction recovery, including improved emotional regulation, deeper sleep, pain management, and increased energy levels.

 Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness-based interventions can be beneficial as part of an integrated addiction recovery program. We focus on mindfulness meditation, which teaches attention, self-awareness and acceptance. Clients learn to pay attention to their emotions and identify the ways they are feeling, while accepting themselves exactly where they are with no self-judgment. This technique helps clients quiet their minds and reduce racing thoughts. It is also an important part of relapse prevention training, seeing as mindfulness decreases impulsivity.

 Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki is a method of energetic healing used to promote relaxation and help facilitate physical, mental, and emotional recovery. This long-standing method of alternative medicine first originated in Japan in the early 1900s, and has since been utilized and heavily researched by modern medicinal communities throughout the world. Reiki practitioners use their palms to deliver healing energy to their clients, facilitating a restoration and rebalancing of internal energy. CuraWest is fortunate to have a Behavioral Technician on staff who has studied under a Reiki master, and who introduces clients to the benefits of energy healing in the context of addiction recovery. 

Horticulture Therapy

CuraWest clients have the opportunity to participate in Horticulture Therapy through the Denver Botanic Gardens. According to their official website, “Therapeutic horticulture is a plant-based, outreach and onsite program that helps people experience mindfulness and the restorative health benefits of nature using their senses. Therapeutic horticulture programs are designed to provide people of all abilities with enriching plant related experiences. Each program is customized to enhance the physical, mental and social lives of its participants.”

Nutrition Therapy

Active addiction prevents individuals from taking adequate care of their physical health. Many people who struggle with substance use disorders end up skipping meals entirely or primarily eating “convenience food,” which tends to lack essential vitamins and nutrients. Many of our clients come to us underweight and malnourished, and lack the skills necessary to prepare nutrient-dense meals, which not only help restore physical health but have a significant impact on mental and emotional well-being. Nutrition Therapy teaches clients why a well-rounded diet is so important, while helping them identify personal nutritional needs. 

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 A Whole-Person Approach to Healing

We strive to teach our clients that while addiction will always be a part of their story, their struggles with substance use do not have to define them. In fact, we encourage them to view their previous experiences as a strength. They have learned invaluable lessons about who they are and what makes them human. They have overcome seemingly impossible obstacles, coming out the other side with a renewed sense of energy and optimism. Holistic healing has everything to do with staying connected and understanding that spiritual growth has no ceiling. We take a whole-person approach to addiction recovery, focusing on the mind-body-spirit connection and honoring clients for their singularity along the way.

 Benefits of Holistic Therapy

There are many benefits associated with holistic treatment methods. While the benefits vary based on which therapeutic method is being employed, there are several benefits that remain consistent. These benefits include:

  • Non-invasive management of post-acute withdrawal symptoms. 
  • Stress management and stress-relief. 
  • Improved physical health and pain management (ideal for those with chronic pain-related issues). 
  • An increased ability to regulate uncomfortable emotions and work through potential relapse triggers.
  • Improved interpersonal relationships and interpersonal skills. 
  • An increased sense of self-awareness.
  • Improved sleep patterns and increased energy levels. 
  • Reduced psychological cravings.

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Holistic Therapy is only one of the proven modalities offered at CuraWest. Our program of addiction recovery in Denver, Colorado is both integrated and individualized, providing clients with a treatment experience unlike any other. As soon as you make the decision to reach out for help, you will be put in contact with an experienced Treatment Advisor who will walk you through our simple admissions process. We begin by conducting a brief assessment which helps us determine whether or not our recovery program is right for you. If it is determined that you would benefit from our medical detox program and/or residential treatment program, we conduct a free, no obligation health insurance benefit check and help arrange local ground transportation to our facility. If you live out of state we will help you arrange more extensive travel plans, though additional travel expenses will be your responsibility. To learn more about our holistically-based treatment program or to get started on your own personal journey of addiction recovery, contact us today.